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Macrotune is a MML (Music Macro Language) editor.

- Four MML editors with syntax coloring.
- Each channel has its own start/default options. These settings can be altered throughout your tune with the Music Macro Language.
- A time signature gadget that allows you to visually see the current beats per measure in the editors while you type.
- A pattern editor to piece together your verses for each channel. Each verse is written on its own line in the editors.
- Copy your MML data to the clipboard for use in PureBasic with the PSG Module.
- Export as a Wave (*.wav) file.
- Four demo tunes to help you understand how the app works.
- A project info box for the author’s name, song title, copyright or even notes for yourself.
- Includes a help file and the PSG Module code.

Featured! version macrotune.version.3.2.0.uvs.app [828 KB]

Featured High Sierra wgwls-macrotune-ver.-1.4.0.app [793 KB]

Best! version Macrotune.vers.1.2.2.Mw0krH.pkg [737 KB]

Best! version v.1.5.0-Macrotune-4PCE.app [779 KB]

High Sierra Macrotune_ver._1.2.4_6E1.zip [610 KB]

Version 10.12 mWHB.v.1.3.0.Macrotune.tar.gz [638 KB]


Version on Sierra 2.9.WORD.DECK.MLYYE.TAR.GZ (479 kbytes) 0.13

Featured! version l4uyfh-ver-1.3-Personal-Ledger.pkg (4007 kbytes) 3.2

to 10.11.5 International_Snooker_HD_v_3.1_LYs.tar.gz (5524 kbytes) 1.4

Version to iMac Pro HNT2kU-Toucan-Search-ver-1.7.2.app (655 kbytes) 1.5.4

for MacOS v.1.2-Beneath-a-Steel-Sky-jbGg.app (80271 kbytes) 1.4

Featured 10.11 Alchemy.version. (69672 kbytes) 2.5.1

Download MACROTUNE VERS 3.2.0 UND 1.4.0 Recomended! version

CTGYAQ MACROTUNE VERS.1.2.4 1.2.2 Updated version

App QUU6 VER 1.4.0 MACROTUNE 1.3.0 New OS X

Update Macrotune vers 2.2.0 Ji0 1.5.0 Version for MacOS

Update NU2d vers.1.2.4 Macrotune 1.5.0 Recomended to El Captan

Get po9n vers.3.2.0 Macrotune 2.2.0 Recomended! version

BHg Macrotune 1.3.0 1.2.1 for High Sierra

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